Michelle writes: “The autism statistics are staggering. Each child/teen/adult affected by ASD has the right to live a life that is full. Full of learning, exploration, development, growth, etc. Your family’s story is an example of claiming that right. Sharing your experiences empowers other families to make the same claim. You show that it’s a hard road with setbacks, hurdles, fear and uncertainty but you keep on DOING. The hook for me is that you guys DO it - not just talk about it, dream about it or wish it - you DO it, strive for it, work for it. That’s pure inspiration right there.”

Nick writes:”You are writing the book on how to promote a talent that does not fit into a typical "box". Nobody gave you a field guide for doing what you have done so far, but others can surely benefit from your experiences. Good things and bad things are going to happen.You learn from the bad and adapt. You capitalize on the good and move forward. This is going to be one of those good things. You got this far. People are going to go nuts when they see his work and hear of how it got to Chicago. Enjoy the ride.”

“An hour with Krista equals one part therapy, one part happy hour”

“I don’t know you or your son, but I find you both inspiring. It’s mothers like you that bring beauty into this world, so Thank young keep your message out there.”